MJ Foundation 01

A foundation for an instant skin transformation. Formulated with light-reflecting microspheres it reflects and disperses light thus concealing any imperfections to create the even and perfectly smooth skin. Its lightweight texture instantly diminishes pores and skin imperfections for a smoother and brighter finish. Featuring a moisturizing complex of vitamin E and squalen provides the feeling of softness, comfort and freshness.

The foundation with light reflecting microspheres instantly evens the complexion, shrinks pores and hides all skin imperfections, providing a perfectly smooth velvet finish.

The lightweigt formula featuring a moisturizing complex of vitamin E and squalene leaves the skin feeling fesh, soft and free to breathe all day long


Create a perfect make-up base with foundation. Choose from a wide range of products: compact, cream or powder foundation; moisturising and protective tinted cream; mattifying liquid foundation, hyaluronic acid foundation or long-lasting foundation.