The easier they are applied, the better eye make-up materials are. Mascara makes it easier for you to apply an eyeliner with its practical packaging and special brush. Its nourishing formula, intense colors and moisturizing effects help protect your skin. In addition, MJ Mascara defines the shape of your eyes, does not smear due to sweat or humidity and your make-up lasts all day long.

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Standing out with its functionality in eye make-up, MJ Waterressistant is  Waterproof Mascara offers popular results in shaping eyelashes. It helps you make the final touch needed to complete an impressive look while applying eye makeup. MJ Waterressistant is  Waterproof Mascara allows even short eyelashes to curl with volume and allows eye make-up to maintain its effect all day long with its permanent effect. It dries shortly after it is applied and does not create a blotchy appearance around the eyes. It contributes to the lashes being more curved and defined. Noticeable changes are observed in the eyelashes with the striking color of the mascara. It is effective for having eyelashes that add depth to the eyes in day and night make-up. It is resistant to water and tears. With its fan-effect feature, it adds volume to the eyelashes at once, helping you look flawless at any moment.